Hey there! My name is Marcus Frandsén, alias Makke.
I'm 20 years old and currently studying at PlaygroundSquad in Sweden, Falun.
If I were to describe myself with 3 words I'd probably stick to: focused, dedicated and calm.
I've learnt a lot throughout the years and my prefered languages follows as: C++, HLSL, JavaScript, C# and Lua.
My preferred areas of work include shaders, physics, core design and gameplay.

Educational work

Below are descriptions of two games that I've contributed my knowledge to while at PlaygroundSquad.

Ruckus Rumble

In this project I worked together with another programmer. This was our first time working with the PlayStation 4. My initial role during the project was to design the code-base for the game. I began creating a UML scheme which we tweaked, thinking out major flaws of the design. Once we had a structure that we both felt happy with, I started writing down the code-base for the game. After designing the core of the game, I wrote the physics engine for Ruckus Rumble. I created the character, sword and shield systems. I also coded the ability system as well as three of the games abilities, the ice, fire and pound ability.

Further information about the project can be found here.
Lonely Goblin

For Lonely Goblin I worked as the sole programmer of the project, this was my first project at PlaygroundSquad. It was also my first time working in a bigger group (8 members including me). The whole group learnt a lot during this project. One of the systems I'm especially proud of writing is the collapse system. The mechanics are briefly described here. I'm happy with the outcome as a first game project, especially considering I did all parts of the code work myself.

Further information about the project can be found here.

Spare time work

I've always had an interest in physics which can clearly be reflected in my own projects.
I started working on a constraint based physics engine that is nowadays called "Mängion".
Before Mängion, I created a few separate physics based games that revolve around the same core physics.
I'll present the most important projects below.


Coolstructions is a constraint-based physics simulation heavily inspired by World of Goo. The mechanics rely on a few basic rules that together create a fun dynamic softbody building simulation. A basic guide on how to use coolstructions is displayed upon launching it.

Play it here.

Windy is also a constraint-based simulation, written a long time ago out of inspiration from a dream. The first systems I'm proud of in Windy is the constraint-based physics which can be visualized by pressing Q. The second system I'm proud of is the procedural generated lightning strikes which can be generated by clicking the right mouse button. Some of the features are unimplemented like the "Donate" button. Further information about the project itself can be found here by reading the project text.

Try it here.
The Adventures of kniL

The Adventures of kniL is written in C# using the XNA framework during the period 2012-2013. I wrote the game myself as a side project to the C# classes I was taking at the time, and later came to be my work of applying for PlaygroundSquad. The game consists of a single map but has support for multiple levels. The game has a mapeditor loading and saving, dynamic input binding and supports multiple players locally. The physics system consist of non-rotating rectangular shapes.

Additional work

Apart from the showcased work here in my portfolio, I've created quite a few more JavaScript projects which can be found here.
Ontop of that, my twitter contains a lot of development screenshots which can be viewed in a list here.
Feel free to contact me with whatever questions or requests you have!


CV and other contact details can happily be supplied by request.

- YouTube
- Twitter
- Or send me an email to marcus@makkesprojects.se